Soapbox RDXC-2004

3V4-002 Thank you for managing this nice contest, I really enjoyed participating. My SWL participation, is overally good (as it is my first participation), but i hope to have a good rate.
4L2M I was: 15, 20 and 40. A second day I was working with 5 watts only. No enough power.
4U1ITU First serious full-time attempt for me in this interesting contest and also my first SO from the club station. Very good start, with the 1000Q`s mark passed at 21:00z. Unfortunately the move to 3.5 marked the beginning of the desert crossing. Was expecting the good rhythm to be back with the sun, but unfortunately I never managed to get the rate over 50 for the last 8 hours: the 15m, in very bad shape, opened very late, and the 10m remained almost dead with the exception of a few middle-east stations (fortunately had wkd a few oblasts on 10 in the first 30mn). Anyway a very good experience, with an exciting first half... Congratulations to the comitee for the perfect organization...
7K2PBB Radio: ICOM IC-706MK2GS-10W, Antenna: 13mh 1/2 whip. I`am only 10Wt and 3rd class licensed in JA, UA1-6 seems so far from JA, but mni tnx for picked me out in every TEST. Love 10m, 73 GL!
7N2UQC Thank you for holding of Contest 2003 in Russian DX. I desire development of the future of RDXC.
9A2GA 2nd time for me in RDXC. Nice SOFTWARE. Bad conditions on 80M at my qth. See you next year.
9A2NO Well, big story... Propagations: 10m closed, no QSO. Then my rig decided not to work on 40m - no QSO. After that - problems with software when I converted my log to ADIF I lost .log file so I had to recalculate manualy ( very funny after a long time - paper logs...hi..hi ). That`s the story.
9A5KV Thanks for a nice contest! I will be back next year.
A45WG Nice contest, shame I had to go to work.
BW4/UA3VCS Contest получился очень интересным. Не получилось все 24 часа. Самый интересный момент - это, конечно, когда меня позвал XE1AY около 14 Z на 40 метрах и через 3 минуты XF4IH !!! Я со стула то не упал, но выглядело не совсем правдоподобно. Когда XF4IH звал меня, я 3 (три) раза переспросил "XF4?"... Теперь уж и не знаю, что думать. Судя по XF4IH сайту, XE1AY должен был быть на XF4 в это время. Может быть, ему нужен был BV? Вобщем, вот такой паровоз получился! :) Номер ни XE1AY, ни XF4IH не передали, так что в лог я их занес, но не думаю, что их мне зачтут. По тесту. Стало гораздо легче работать S&P, позывной примелькался. На 80 и 40 метрах 90 % QSOs провел S&P. 20 м прозевал. На 15 м, как всегда, наибольшее количество QSOs. 10 метров открылись, но только до Прибалтики. Всем спасибо за QSO. Если кому надо QSL, PSE QSL-запрос на этот E-Mail (). Сейчас собираюсь отправить посылку на P.O.Box 88. Итог - 700 QSOs, 1.5 миллиона очков.CT3EE Congratulations on the organization of this event, Ideal to test the setup for the CQ Operated from my qth in the city, only with chances to go on 15m 20m and bearly 10m (w Best regards Luis)
CT3EE Congratulations on the organization of this event, Ideal to test the setup for the CQ Operated from my qth in the city, only with chances to go on 15m 20m and bearly 10m.
DB4SP Very nice contest. thanks and complements to russian OMs.
DJ3GE QRP 5 Watt, Antenna Windom 20m long, 8m high, nice Contest, good log program, Contest dfficult for QRP and poor antenna on 160m.
DJ9AO It was a nice contest. 73 & see you next year.
DK3DUA Many thanks for your effort, RDXC is my favorit Contest, it is vy much fun to operate and to see your excellent web site.
DL1LAW 5W out/windom 10 - 160m, 83m length log handwritten during contest, computed after contest strong storm all time.
DL3KWF Sri, that we was back from CT3. But 2005 we will spend again some CT3-multipliers!
DL5CL First time I tooke part. Thank you to all ops, who heard my weak qrp. See you all next.
DL7FA This is my first participation in this contest. I enjoyed very much. It has given me the chance to work many new russian stations for the award.
E21EIC Vy good propagation on 15M. I worked many station from USA. Only K4JA vy strong signal 59+++. Thanks to all QSOs.
EA4PL Propagation was really poor here, so I missed a lot of common Oblast. When will I be able to hear a UA8 station? :-( See you next year!)
EA5BWR/M Across the 9 hours that I resisted siting on my car I enjoyed a lot working many stations, the last year I works as EC5AJH/M and this time I used my new Hamcall. I hope to joint again next year, many thanks to all stations that let me to contact with them.
EI4CF Had severe storms and thunder and lightning to battle with here ! However I really enjoyed it and wish there were more on 15m on Sunday morning.
EI4IS I`m learning, I`m learning. Would be nice to have one cabrillo do all programm ...
EI9ES Great Contest!
ES4MM TNX fer FB contest!
ES5RY SO2R is fun. Vy good contest.
F5TJW Many thanks for your contest.
F6FTB I have a lot of fun with my small qrp rig; unfortunaltely no qrp class in this contest no qrp class in this contest.
F8BPN I had fun during this contest, conditions seemed to be better on saturday than sunday. See you next year.
G0MRH Enjoyed taking part as much as time allowed several operators going much too fast which for me and perhaps others means our QSO will not happen. A little lower in speed could bring more QSO`s and no need for asking for repeats.
G0MTN Fantastic contest and activity once again. There were very high winds in the UK so I operated with just a wire and 100w. 73
G3RSD Only able to get on bands for a short time
G3ZRJ Hard work to raise UA0 and Non Russian Far East stations. Very little DX hrd on any band. Thank you very much for another excellent Contest. I look forward to next year.
G4BYG Thanks to all for their time in organising such an enjoyable event.
G4EBK Very enjoyable contest. Sorry only 10 Hours this year.
G4OGB Severe gales brought the antenna down. Hope CU next year.
G6CSY Where was the 10m activity?
GM4HQF Thanks for running the contest.
GW4BLE May be more time next year....
HA3NU It was great pleasure to work in RDXC. Great contest indeed.
HA5A It was a verry good contest.
HA5BVG Thanks for contest, it`s the BEST for me.
HA5OAF Very good activity in the contest, thank you.
HA5XXA Did not have much time. Did not have an antenna. Did not have more than 5 Watts. But had a lot of fun! RIG: FT817, ANT: random indoor wire.
HG4I I didn`t have enough time to contesting, but it was fine job!
I0JFE I like very much this contest.
IK0OTJ This very nice contest. See to the next year.
IK2AHB I had litle time for contest, but several fun, I hope listen all again next year. .
IK2AOO Nice contest, thanks to all.
IN3BFW Next year !! best regards.
IN3FHE Nice contest, cndx not quite good (10 m. were dead) and the Boris`s software was enjoyable. Thank to all the contesters and to the contest commite!
IT9ORA I'am very glad to participate in this fb contest!
IV3DYS So much time for contest also very poor score....
IV3RJT Poor propagation on 10 meters.
IZ0BVU I love Russian Contest!
IZ3ESV First time on seriuos CW contesting... not bad for 100W, few hours and a vertical. Fun, but not wkd missing oblasts... c u next year!
JA1BPA My 1st RUDXC and I enjoyed it very much! Condition was much better than expected. Some advantage on SSB for a Russian speaker like myself, because some rare Russian oblasts only called CQ in Russian! There were many really rare oblasts that I had seldom heard before.
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time.
JA7MJ Thank you for the nice Contest.
JA8AJE FB condx on Sunday. TKS for managing the nice contest.
JE1COB Thanks a lot!
JE2SOY Bad conditions, but I enjoyed so-so.
JH4UYB Great Contest.
JO7KMB This is the first time to entry this contest with my new call sign, JO7KMB. Thanks for the QSO, friends.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSO`s in the contest.
K0HW Thank You for the Contest, my first try at this one, lots of conflicts with other contests - BARTG and VA QSO Party but I did make quite a few contacts. I will try it again next year.
K1JB Great contest as always! Lots of Russian and other DX activity on 20 and 15, but I miss 10 meters. Congratulations to the organizers. See you next year.
K2TE The RDXC-04 program has a bug in it that forced me to break my log. I was unable to to restart the program after I had exited. I started over again, using serial numbers where I had left off to keep it consistent. After some trial and error, I found that I had to delete the RDXC.INI file each time I restarted the program for it to work ok. The program works fine for everything else. You will find the second part of my log at the end of the file.
K3JT Love the software! Wish I had more time to operate. No other contest sends email reminder to invite me to participate ! Tnx.
K3ZO RK0Q was sending mult "YA". RW4NJ was sending mult "LO". RK3MZZ was sending mult "JA". Not in agreement with chart on RDXC Web page.
K4AMC First time to send logs. Local thunder storms Saturday forced QRT Great Contest, always enjoy working my Russian friends.
K5KG This was my first time for this contest. Lots of good activity on both CW and SSB. Was fun being able to work everyone and challenging trying to collect the Russian multipliers. Low band condx were poor due to high QRN levels on on 40, 80 and 160. (Did not have a low band rx antenna.) A gift was having 20m open into Russia until 0700z. Had a thrilling 20m run of deep-Asian Russians from 0130z to 0330z. Looking forward to working this one again and again. Will approach it more seriously the next time!
K5ZD Always a fun contest! Wish I had more time to operate.
KB4IUJ I don`t really care about the contest...Just so long as these guys get the points for my get the points for my location and for atleast having the patient to work me.
KC5RJV Band conditions poor 20M dead by 0500Z. Wonder what is happening on the other side of the earth.
KT1V Great contest as always - activity gets better every year.
LY1BX Nice contest even for 85 years old man.
LY2OO Really nice contest in every respect: very acceptable rules,good activity and operators,excellent software, great kindness to all participants before the contest as well as after it.I mean invitation by e-mail and nice booklets. Best regards to RDXC Contest Committee!
LZ2L Nice contest! See you in RDXC 2005 again.
M5ADF A very good, enjoyable competition. Operators were freindly and helpful. The website is great.
MM3JHS Had severe gales during contest which pulled the G5RV feeder out of coax plug.
MU3GSY My first entry for this contest Hope to back next year.
N0KE At W0TM. First time to use DVK feature of Write Log contest program
N1BCL Great contest. I just wish conditions had been better.
N3AFM Temp setup with restricted antennas; wire dipole in shack used. Enjoyable; wish I had worked the 8 oblasts I heard!
N9BX First time In Russian DX COntest Single Band 20 Meters Mixed. Very good Contest.It was a great contest, and I felt that your entire organization did a wonder job in this contest preperation!! Zeliju vam udatchi i mnoga di-eks [mnoga dalnih svjazei]. 73!
OE8CIQ Great contest. See you next year
OE8YDQ Great contest. See you next year
OH0I TNX nice contest, next time we coming better system hi. Hope at log is ok, th is is is ok, this is first time when I make log.
OK1BA Sorry my antenna falled down.The wind was vy heavy so only 100w and long wire 10m.Hi Tnx nice contest.
OK1FCA TNX for nice CONTEST, See you next year.
OK2DU Beatifull contest, many ua stations, special on 14 Mhz
OM1AW Nice contest but 10M band was closed here.Thanks to organizers!
OM3BA Prima contest,many Russian stations,fb operators!! I am glad,do svidania v 2005 godu.
OM5NA It was very nice contest,TNX .
ON5WL Nice contest. I like the mixed mode. 73, till next year.
ON6TJ With rainy and stormy (about 100 km/h) This is bad for my DELTA LOOP 40M (Feeder 450 ohms). I utilize only the search and pouncing method to find all my contest friends. My age is now 68 with health problems. I hope come back again in 2005!
OZ1ADL First of all, Thank you very much for putting on such a great contest. It is all run v
P3F What a great weekend. This contest is really good fun. My first effort as I`ve entered the BARTG event the last couple of years. Lots of activity really adds to the enjoyment. Congratulations SRR you`ve got it right! Great website too! See you all next year.
PA0FEI Compared to 2003 very bad condx on 28 MHz. Because of a small amount of time I picked some sweet cherries. Thanks for UFB Contest. Very interesting analysis of errors on your website!
PA0IJM A nice contest with many Russian and other stations on the band. Have fun with the control of the incomming logs.
PA0MIR Pleased to participate again. Two oblasts gave trouble: JA and YR both were given and RZ and RA were also both handed out. Problem is whether to log the right abbreviation or the sent exchange. The strong wind prevented me from putting the beam antenna to full height and now sometimes signals on the wire antenna were louder than on the 21 MHz.
PA1B I used a QRP power from 2,5 w down to 50 milliwatss during this contest. I tried to use the lowest possible power in each QSO`s. 9 of the 19 QSO`s were made with 250 mwt or less, using an attenuator of 10 db. I enjoyed meeting opertors with great ears. Thank you for this great contest.
PA3BFH Just some words: fun, fun FUN!!!!!!! Thanks for organizing, see you next year Herman/PA3BFH
PA3GGW Nice contest, Enjoyed participating.
PA7PYR Tnx very nice contest many Russian stations cu next year.
PG7V This contest has the right format and is really fun! Had problems with my wire antenna.
PI4DEC Nice contest. We had troubles with our software and worked as a multi-multi station for a while. Sorry for that. Lets hope other station had fun working us. It was our pleasure. We will be back next year, thatґs for sure. Bye Friends.
PS2T I enjoyed a lot the Russian Dx Contest. Long time without operating this contest. thanks all for been on my log.
PS7DX See you on next year.
PY1KX Soni - PY1NX thanks brother
RA3XEL TNX for contest!!!
RA3XO PA crashed - repared. Tranceiver lost VCO-1 - non repared. So restricted by 3 bands x 12 hours x poor conditions. But kept smile.
RA4SD Thanks for nice contest!
RA9MA Fine contest !!!
RN3FS This contest was hard work.
RU2FM Nice contest! wrk QRP 5w + windom
RU4SS See you next year!
RU4WE Home Made Trsvr + 99 Wtts PA 1.8 and 3.5 Mc Dipoles Good contest CU 2005 !
RW3XZ The fine Contest and see you next in 2004.
RW6HX TNX for very nice contest! Hope to see you again!
RX3RC Thanks!
RZ3DZX Before the WRTC in Brasil we desided to have some training together with Sandy RW4WR. It was alredy 8-th time we did training like one team (two times P3A, two - site in contests of Russia, etc.) We made not too much because my setup now is more setup of Single op then Multi Single, but it was fun anyway and the aim was reached. See You all next Year !!
S50U I enjoy very much the pile-up on the first hour in the evening when I came on the location. It was huge one so I thing next year I will be more serious in the test as this year.
SM1NJC Thank you for a very nice contest. Due too antenna failure not able to work as much as planned. A lot of activity, great fun. See you next year.
SM2YIZ Tnx for nice contest. I`ll be back next year with a KW + monobanders at altitude.
SM6BSK QSO nr 139: RK0Q sent "YA" but N1MM said it should be "SH"!
SN5J TNX for very good contest.
SN5Z It`s a pity I had no more time on Sunday. The score could be much better. In the end only 10 hours of operation. Very nice contest. Perfectly oragnized. Congratulations to the organizers. See you next year.
SP3DIK Thanks for all e-mail info about RDXC and nice contest.
SP9MCU Best 73! from Poland !
UA0ACG Tnx fer all for Contest.
UA1CEC Very nice contest! Very good UA1AAF SOFT. See all 2005!!!
UA6JD Operate only in "Running" mode, except R1FJ QSO, just to give "SO" multiplier for more then 500 operators,who call my CQTEST. CU NEXT test - also "Running" mode!!!
UA9ACJ I wkd not computer in contest. Very good programm UA1AAF writelog after contest!
UA9AYA We feel we could do better so will try it next year, a bit more participation from the USA and Japan would be good lackof a DX CLUSTER showed in less then optimum MULT.
UA9FM UA1AAF software (03) 04- was a problem with delay CW to transmit (P4 2000 XP).
UA9MC 160/80 - inv V; 40 - 2EL quad; 20/15/10 - 6EL quad
UN2E It`s been a pleasure to operate any guy`s, BEST WISHES from KAZAKHSTAN!
UR4PWK Tnx for nice contest. 73! GL!
VK2IMM Great contest, many stations to work.
VK4TT G`day to all others in Contest.
VK7GN Very busy weekend so just on to hand out some mults thanks for running the test. I like 24hour multi mode tests!
VU2NXM This time the contest was very interesting, I enjoyedit. Worked N8OO on 15M but sno. not given to him.
VU2UR Enjoyed the contestagain. It was nice to work with the many old friends from RUSSIA again.
W1END Conditions seemed good. Could only operate for 3 hours. Rig was Kenwood TS830s and Butternut HF6V vertical antenna.
W1JQ Great contest! Excellent activity. Even though I had to resort to working Ws and Ks on 40M.
W1RM My first effort on 40 meters single band running low power. Conditions were not kind in that we had a great deal of QRN during most of the evening. Congrats to S58A who heard me well before any other European did.
W3BP Great contest. The Russian operators are super and I will be back next year..
W4TDB My time was limited but it was a fun contest. I will have a beam next year and have a much better signal. Thanks for an outstanding contest.
W4ZE My first Russian DX Contest. It was very enjoyable, I wish that I had more time to operated this time.
W7DRA/7 I was set up for a SOAB 160, with an 810 final running 200 watts, but did not hear any stations, the same was for 80m. I did bring my HW16 and HG10 VFO so was able to get on 40m. I was overlooking Pacific Beach, WA, a wonderful location, straight off the deck across the ocean is eastern Australia.
W9WUU Conditions were better this year over last I enjoyed my few hours that I could operate.
WP3GW Made 4 times my record, and nice logging program! Saludos.
YC2CJQ Some big contest not send certificates for country winners. I hope RDXC will different Congrat for a big contest event ever. I have a lot of fun from it.
YC2ECG This is my first RDX Contest. Enjoy for this contest.
YL2BJ The first contest after a long period. Really was not ready to work seriously.May be during next contest!
YL2CR Spasibo za prislanij rezults 2003 i rules 2004. Zhalj, chto w itogah spisok stancij okonchilsja n a bukwu O i rezultatow YL net. Juris 73!
YL2PQ Tnx for nice contest!Diplome pse send to my home address.
YO6EX Nice contest! Hope next year will see agian.
YP3A Having a target of 2k Q`s we are pleased with the results, but it could be bette but it could be bette
YT1AT Nice CONTEST, all the best!
YU0OTC YU0OTC was a station of the Serbian Old Timer Club.We used the YT9X location and were surprised to make 2041 qso`s. Diring the first half of the contest we had a qso rate of 110/min.On lower bands the rate was not so great because of our humble antennas and LP RIG on 160 m.
YU1PJ Nice Contest! See you next year.
YZ1V FB contest agn. Hope to stay more on the air next year!
ZL1TM Better than expected on 80 (1 QSO), very hard 40, good condition on 20, disappointing 15, and short opening on 10. Satisfied with overall result. Thanks everyboy.
ZL4HH My first RDXC. The contest invitation email received from SSR and a visit to the RDXC website made me decide to enter RDXC instead of BARTG RTTY contest. I am very impressed with the RDXC website, very good useful information, maybe best contest web site for results etc. Thank you.