Finally our January with plus temperatures changed to February, and as it should be, the winter came into UA2. Lets hope, its not for a long time. We should be prepared for the RDXC 2005 action.

Sun-spots and solar wind make something strange to the ionosphere, fire-up Aurora even in the quite southern latitudes and switch HF propagation off for a long time. At the same time, 160 and 80 meter bands a few times had quite nice propagation during this season already. Perhaps, this is not yet the minimum minomoro?, may be well be pleased with wide open HF bands propagation during RDXC? What will happen in RDXC 2005? I stake 100 to 1, that the propagation and contest strain will provide the designing and unexpected situations to all participants of our favourite Contest

Lets see what happened in the RDXC 2004 and lets congratulate the winners.


MOST - UU7J proved their champions ambitions another time. The 1st place trophy went to Crimea peninsula again. DF0RI finished second this year; they demonstrated their perseverance and diligence. LY4A pressed hard Germans during the complete Contest, but finished third only. MOST Record by UU7J in 2003 stayed unattainable. Id like to draw your attention at K4JA and 9V1YC teams, who finished 12th and 13th accordingly, but they look nice among a few dozens of top European teams.

SOAB MIX - Igor RA3AUU overcame various problems on his way Kuwait, and activated 9K9X in RDXC to break his own record made at OT1T in 2001. Read his 9K9X in RDXC story at http://www.unicomm.ru/ra3auu. Zoli HA1AG and Jiri OK1RI also fought hard in this entry. HA1AG took silver, and he proved that his log has less errors. OK1RI finished third.

LP MIX - Ged LY9A made progress after his 3rd place in the same entry in 2003. 2nd and 3rd place competition occurred between the three stations. Despite his 1537 contacts, 4N0W was not able to be on top three. Gyorgy HG1Z and Margo OH4R proved their strong intentions, - their close results are the confirmation.

SOAB CW - Bob P3F allocated his resources correctly and finished first with the new record in his entry. Vladimir 9H1ZA and Alexander A61AR are always welcome mults in every contest. They took the second and the third places accordingly.

LP CW Serge TA2ZF and Kaspars YI9ZF made a real duel in this entry. Rebrov, in his best style, smart and mightily, went to the flank, outplayed many players and coolly scored a nice goal right into the upper left corner Ooops, sorry. (Serge if professional soccer player in Turkey) He scored quite a number of mults and took the gold right from YI9ZFs hands. He also set a new entry record. Marko 4N1N is on the 3rd place, a bit ahead of Atanas LZ9R. As we see, the competition in this entry remains very tight every year.

SOAB SSB - Tonno ES5TV was highly responsible in his contest preparations. LY4AAs 2001 record was greatly exceeded. Please note, this the first ever Estonian station in RDXC history with such a high result! That means, hot Estonian guys did not run out yet!" (Its common friendly Russian joke about Estonians ?). Jan OZ1ADL and Leszek SP9LJD are on the 2nd and on the 3rd places. Nice to see S.American station in top 5. This is Oms PS2T (aka PY5EG)! Welcome and hope for your further participation!

LP SSB Andy LZ9W (op. LZ2HM) this year left LP CW to set a new record in LP SSB. Dmitry LY3MM and SP9VYI are on the 2nd and 3rd places accordingly.


MOST - RU1A proved that they are super-team and super-station. There are changes in top five: RL3A moved to the 2nd place from the 4th in 2003; RM6A finished the third (they were the second in 2003). RO4M had to move to the fourth place (they were the third in 2003). RZ6AZZ team made certain progress, - they are the fifth.

SOAB MIX Vladimir RK4FF with 2884 QSOs and over 5M points is hors concours in this entry. RW3QCs 2003 record was broken as well. Vlad UA2FF, showed his best traditions in log accuracy (this is very inherent to all UA2 Contest Club members) and finished the second. Victor UA4RC is on the 3rd place. RW3QC and RM3C also struggled for the top but finished fourth and fifth accordingly.

LP MIX - Andrey RZ4FA got this entrys prize. This year, his main rivals were Igor RK3DH and Albert RA3EA.

SOAB CW This was competition between UA6AF, RD3A, RZ3AZ and RA3CO. Victor UA6AF won the main prize and set up a new entry record. Alexander RZ3AZ set an impressive result this year and made minimum errors, - he finished the second. RA3CO took the bronze. RD3A claimed the best score, but lost over 1M point, and finished the fourth. Igor UA4FER was the fifth.

LP CW your author long before the contest upgraded his motivations to win this entry. At the same time, the hardware was in preparation, - 3-band top-band vertical. Considerable score increase was possible due to the second radio. This is all about my secret weapon. Arkady UA4CC was on the second place, Alexander RN1NA was on the third place. Alexander RZ4AG moved up to the fourth place from his claimed seventh, and made his top request for this year.

SOAB SSB Pavel RK4FD took the prize. Alex RA6AFB and Vitaly RN3ZC did not let him relax, - they finished second and third accordingly.

LP SSB - Alexey UA6UDV, with impressive 1363 QSOs and 1574672 points won this entry another time., he also reset his last year record. Chermen UA3BL was again on the second place. Andrey RK4FM was the third.


MOST a very dynamic entry in Asiatic Russia. Dramatic competition took place between UA9AYA and RT9W teams. RDXC 2003 Winner, RT9W had much better mults, but UA9AYA were ahead them in QSOs and points. Only with a very sensitive refereeing, we were able to call UA9AYA the champions. RT9W team should draw a conclusion for the RDXC 2005. RK9CWW team was on the third place. Very powerful teams RK0AXX and RZ9OZO approached the triplet at a very close distance.

SOAB MIX - Yury RG9A (UA9AM) used his privileged close distance to Eu ? and won the top. As I expected, Andrey RM0A (UA0ANW), with his new antennae setup, also fought for the prize. To render the justice, Andrey overcame Yury practically in all aspects. Only the DXCC mult number was lesser, - that placed him second. Vadim UA9CLB was on the third place.

LP MIX This entry with traditionally high competition had changed its leader. Yury RW9IM, who was the winner two successive years before, let the top to Serge RA9WW. Besides that, RA9WW set up new record in this entry. Oleg UA9CDV was on the third place.

SOAB CW Vladimir RZ9IR made correct conclusions after his third place in 2003, and won the plaque in this entry. Alexey RV9JR had good chances, but he finished the second. Yury UA9SP was on the third place. Mikhail RW9CF lost his points after log-check, and satisfied with the fourth place.

LP CW Alexander RA9SO took the prize with a small advantage against Sergey UA9MC (2nd place). Yury UA0JQ finished third, but he had good chances to win the top.

SOAB SSB - Gena UA9MA is 3-years-successive winner of this entry. Sergey RL9F (RV9FQ) and Sergey UA9JDP scored the second and the third; - they were Genas strongest competitors.

LP SSB - Alexander RU9AC was hors concours here. The second place went to Nikolay RA9DA, the third place to Heinrich UA9ACJ. Wed advice you to look carefully into this entry: there is a real chance to win a plaque here.


WORLD Three new records at once were set up in 2004.

Alexander LY3UM, on 160m, nearly doubled this band SP2GJVs record.

80m Sergey EU1UN moved the record bar higher, up to 605K points.

Rimas LY6A celebrates his win and new record on 40m. The situation here is very interesting. LY6A claimed only the third score in the entry. However, sensitive refereeing displayed minimum errors in LY6As log, but his rivals suffered fatal losses due to their errors.

EU RUSSIA The same situation with single-band records in EU RUS as well.

160m Vlad UA6LV scored in new band record.

Sergey UA1OMS improved his last year 80m record.

On 40m, Andrey UA3TCJ, with his full-size 4-el QUAD, in hard competition snatched out the victory from UA3AGW. 1996 RZ6LJIs record was 60% exceeded! Nice job done, Andrey! It is significant that 35 contesters were in this entry, and 6 of them could renew the 1996 record!

AS RUSSIA Two new records were set up here.

Igor UA9A checked 80m to set a new record, and he was right. UA9SPs 2003 record was exceeded with a nice clearance!

Nice win on 20m and a record belong to Alexander RA0BA now. Mr. Murphy was charitable to RA0BA this time, (may be he was out of his working place ?). The new record is 400 QSOs more than the previous record!


This year, we draw your attention to this entry. Bring your feasible contribution into your club piggy bank!

The main trophy went to Luthuania to Kaunas Technological University - KTU RC. This club was represented by 34 stations. The 2nd place went to UCC - 21 stations. The 3rd place went to BCC - 10 stations.

Our congratulations to the winners and new record scorers!
See you all in RDXC 2005!

de UA2FZ