RDXC-2004 Minutes of Meeting

Dear friends,

Last years Russian DX Contest became one of the most remarkable events for radio amateurs all over the world.

RDXC was sponsored in 1993 by Russian contesters group. About 200 amateurs only were RDXC participants that time. Nowadays, due to our common efforts and Russian and foreign participants activities, RDXC's popularity continues to grow up. We hope, the number of RDXC participants will increase from one year to another.

11th Russian DX Contest took place on the 20 - 21 March, 2004.

After the Contest, we received 2007 logs from 89 countries, with total participants number about 6000. To compare with, in RDXC 2003 we got 1684 logs from 80 countries and we had about 5000 participants, Surely, we are very pleased with logs and participants number growth dynamics.

    RDXC 2004 Logs:
  • European Russia - 603
  • Asiatic Russia - 339
  • Foreign participants - 1065

In RDXC-2004 we received logs from 75 (out of total 92) Russian Federation Oblasts. Number of QSO's in RDXC 2004 certainly increased. 222 participants made over 1000 QSO's in 24 hours, 41 participants made over 2000 QSO's, and 4 participants made over 3000 QSO's. Half of these QSO's were made on one band..

Some rare DXCC entities and DXpeditions were active in RDXC 2004: 3V2-002 (SWL), 4L2M, 4U1ITU (op. F6IRF), 5U7JB, 9H1ZA, 9H1XT, 9K9X (op.RA3AUU), 9V1YC, A45WG, A61AR, A61AV, AL1G, AP2IA, AT0D, BW4/UA3VCS, CN8YR, CT3EE, E21EIC, EK3SA, EY7AF, EY7AV, EZ8CW, HC1JQ, HL1/WX8C, HL5UOG, HS1PDY, JT1CD, JT1CO, KL7FH, P3F, PS2T, R1FJ, UK8IG, VR2BG, VR2EX/P, YB0A, YI9ZF, TA1DX, TA1FA, TA2ZF, TA2RC, TF3AO, TF3CW, TI2KAC, TI3TLS, VK2IMM, VU2NXM, VU2UR, V31LZ, ZL1TM, ZL4HH , ZS1AN.

Please note, very successful Russian DXpedition R1FJ to the Franz Josef Land. This DXpedition was a new entity, and a new oblast for many participants of the RDXC. This year, the number of RDXC participants from Japan, France, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, USA, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada and Romania had certainly increased.

Our articles in the magazines, and our statements at the hamventions about RDXC started to bring good results. Many amateurs who attended only a few hours in the RDXC last years, worked the complete contest with their full capacity, and achieved good results..

The solar activity in 2004 was very low. 10m SB entrants hardly made over 100 QSO's. Alternatively, QSO number on 40-80-160 meters noticeably increased. We hope, in RDXC 2005 we will have chance for good propagation on HF bands.

RDXC-2004 logs processing and results were made using total computerized check of all logs. Afterwards, each QSO was analyzed. Each QSO data were checked. For not received logs, their significant models were generated with software utilities.

We received 1758 logs in files, through e-mails. They contained 84% of QSO's to be checked. The rest 249 paper logs were entered manually, using a special software.

Totally, 1 503 211 QSO's were checked, 1 446 326 (96.2%) of them were verified (they do not contain errors).

The new technology for log checking was developed and tested, and principally new log checking software implemented. Each log's cross-check is possible at the moment of the log arrival. All controls, callsigns and (the most valuable!) time systematic errors, errors in controls sent and in not-arrived logs can be detected right away. We hope, this debugged software, will make it possible to reduce judging time starting in RDXC 2005, though the participants number will be increased.

You can see the complete results of the RDXC 2004, and all additional information at http://www.rdxc.org

We appreciate any particapants comments, your proposals and notes, photos, videos and audios for our website.

As usual, this year all participants (excepts check logs) will get their UBN lists. We hope, UBN analyzis will help you to improve your results, to decrease penalty points caused by incorrect calssigns and controls reception.

We will also send all participants personal RDA list with confirmed RDA districts made in the contest. As before, all QSOs made in RDXC 2005 will be counted for all RUSSIA and RDA award programs, without QSL cards.

Starting 2005, due to many participants requests, there is a new entry group in RDXC - "SOAB-MIX-QRP" (output power is no more than 5W), separately for Eu.Russia, As.Russia and foreign participants. This new entry is called up to increase RDXC participants number, and will make RDXC more representative.

This year, along with common methods of radio monitoring, we plan to use new advanced audio recording feature, - digital synchro audio recording of the complete HF band sections. This method will allow us to quickly find in time and monitor in any sequence all frequencies needed and stations operation. Also, if required, we will be able to evenly compare any station signal levels.

RDXC Committee will be glad if you participate in the 12th International RUSSIAN DX CONTEST, which wiill be held on the 19 - 20 March, 2005. We hope, this extremely interesting contest will attract even more participants, both from Russia, and foreign countries. Wed like to see, even more rare Russian oblasts and more DXCC entities will participate in the RDXC 2005.

We wish all of you good luck! See you in the RDXC-2005!

RDXC committee - RA3AUU, UA2FZ, RW1AC, UA1AAF
Chief Referee - RW1AC
Logs entry- R1A-73, RA1ACT, RA1ARJ, RW1AC, RW9WA, RX3RZ, RU3RQ, UA9XC, RK9XX, RA9XF
WEB-master - RV3ACA
Software and logs processing - UA1AAF
Contact e-mail - rusdxc@contesting.com
Postal Address - RDXC, P.O.Box 88, Moscow, 119311, Russia