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RLHA Rules

Russian Lighthouse Award has been instituted by the Russian Robinson Club and will be issued to any Ham Radio operator or SWL for QSOs with (or reports from) amateur radio stations operating from Russia's lighthouses.

    There are three classes:
  • European & Asiatic stations:
    • Class I: 30 lighthouses
    • Class II: 20 lighthouses
    • Class III: 10 lighthouses
  • DX stations
    • Class I: 20 lighthouses
    • Class II: 10 lighthouses
    • Class III: 5 lighthouses

There is no band/mode/time restrictions. Repeated conactcs with the same lighthouse are not credited.

The application must be based on the received QSL cards photocopies of which must be sent along with the application. You may also email scans of the QSL cards to award manager. The manager reserves the right to request any specific cards to satisfy any doubt whatsoever.

Award fee is US $7, IRCs are accepted as $0.60 each.

    The application should be sent to one of the award managers:
  • Dennis Eremin (RZ1AK), PO Box 202, St.Petersburg 196070, Russia
  • Cezar Trifu (VE3LYC), 410 College Street, Kingston, ON K7L 4M7 , Canada

Please send your application as registered letter if it is mailed to Russia.

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