Starting 2011 we implimented SDR-recornings check of the Top Ten stations in each category.

After SDR-recordings check we have to say that number of MS and M2 stations broke contest rules having 2 signals on the same time on the same band for many hours. Unfortunately, we have to disqualify the following stations:

  • MOST:
    1. RT3F
    2. RF4M
    3. RF8C
  • MO2T:
    1. RA3DXU
    2. RK4WWQ

A very unfortunate thing is that these contest operators didn't even try do make a single attempt to stop these 2 signals on the band and go by the rules.

Next year RDXC will be the year for them to provide us a complete stereo recordings of every QSO in the contest.

Some examples of rules' violations:

Entry Station Audio files