Soapbox RDXC-2008

2E1FVS Worked a few new one`s on 80, could have done more operating.
4O3A Conditions on 15 and 10 are poor. Otherwise we enjoyed contest. Thank you all.
4U1ITU Big!
4X0A It was ti meet all of you. CU next year.
7N2UQC I was able to enjoy this contest. Tnx for a fine contest again.
9A5V I hope to meet you in the next contest, 73.
9H1DE I had not intended to enter the contest other than giving 9 hours as a multiplier but in response to your request i submit the log. I will enter once again and next time will allocate more time.
9M6XRO I only operated for 2 hours on 20 m but signals were very good. Thank you for organising the contest. I hope to do more next year.
A45WG Great Contest - Many thanks... DSW
A45WG Great.... Changes 4 motorbike tyres, went to work, and had 8 hours sleep....
AM3A AM3A is a special contest call sign. Operator EA3FHP.
AM3A The propagation on 15 and 10 meters is poor. Otherwise I enjoyed the contest. AM3A is a special contest call sign. Operator EA3FHP.
C4W Great contest! Made it last minute back to 5b and stayed up all night trying to set up the station. Used G4ZFE`s K3 (thanks) as main rig and blew up the front-end of my 1000MP at the very start. Good rates in the first 12 hours but things slowed down overnight.
CN2R CONDX to Asia way down. In memory of Charki.
CT/LZ3ND CU the next year!
CT1AGF Problems with transceiver - always sending a lot of dits (could be from parallel interface have to check... Great Contest! Very short for me. 73.
CT2GSN Good organization. I love this contest. Fantastic contest is mi firste time in this contest congratulationto your oganiztio. CT2GSN J.CUNHA
CT3/DL3KWF A very nice contest again. See you also next year. But in 2009 we will be in DL in the contest period. Sorry dear friends, that we shall not spend some CT3-multipliers in 2009!
CT7V Multi ops for the first time. Some mess with serials for unknown reason... Sorry.
DC4A Nice activity. Learning a little bit Russian.
DD4B Great contest! 20 m for EU was almost dead. Thanks for everybody who called me. Thanks to all for QSO. C U in 2009...
DF1HE Nice contest, CU AGN.
DF2CK 3 hours just 4 fun, felt like playing morse runner :)
DG1RZD Thank you for the friendly invitation to this contest by E-mail.
DG7RO High activity and high CW speed.
DH0GDS As every year a good time with a lot of nice hams. I stopped my work only during the meantime of TV at the evening. I don`t like the furious job :-)
DH3RB Very enjoyable contest with a high number of participants.
DJ6TK Hi, I am happy to take part in this CW contest again. 73, Wilf - dj6tk -
DK2BJ Bad CNDX on 15 and 10 m. I like this contest working with fine UA1AAF software very much. 73!
DK3WW Not enough time for the whole contest but good actvity ... CU next year.
DK5ZX Nice contest again! CONDX were not so good - I think so. Thanks for UFB QSOs. HPE CU AGN.
DK7AN Good possibility to work DX and some LY stations for the award.
DL1CW Lot of fun, and good run on 160m.
DL1HSR Nice contest like every year, but very poor conditions on 21 MHz. See you next year.
DL1VJL Sorry for delay.
DL3KVR I will send a new, and exactly translation in German language for the next year (original by DL5KUA). Please see in your mailbox.
DL3TD My Radio-1 cat was not OK in the first 2 hours (20 m). But then all frequencies are in the log as you wish. RDXC is great!
DL4FN A lot of fun again this year.
DL5AWI This year operation with FT890 and 4-el KLM 22 m up... And no full time, because qirl. Hope to have more time next year for working all bands! Every year it is nicely to work the fast CW operators from Russia.
DL5KUD Had fun again during 12 hrs with new radio ic7400 rng 80 w and dipole up 10 m. N1MM-Logger did a great job as usual. Good activity and normal propagation. See you again in 2009.
DL6RBO Hello everbody, it was a nice contestagain. See you next year.
DL7GN Good morning from Germany. I did participate with great pleasure in your annual RDXC-Test 2008. I am very much interested in your receipt fort the different oblasts worked in the Contest. Vy 73.
DL8QS Nice contest! Cannot work full time... Sorry.
DL9CW nice contest, see you next year again, thanks to all, Dick, DL9CW
DM3PKK Thanks for the nice Contest and cul next year. Vy 73!
DM5DM Well thought-out rules and a good balanced point system. Very attractive Contest WEB site and excellent statistical evalution. It spend a lot of fun and it seems this Contest find more and more participants every year. CU in 2009.
DO1HGS Makes really fun, see you all in 2009.
DP4K Not our best this year. Had some antenna problems. We did try our best and had some fun. Thanks to everyone for the QSOs and we hope to meet you very soon ! Pasiba, DSW de DP4K team! Many thanks to all for the QSOs. Hope to do better again next year. 73 to all and see you again in RDXC-2009!
DR4T Thanks for inviting me personally. Very nice gesture! However, I would have taken a part anyhow. Meanwhile the RDXC has become one of my favourite contests: lots of activity, good operating standards and excellent ethics as clearly expressed in the rules. I think the RDXC is really setting the good standards in its rules. Congrats!
E7/DK6XZ Dear Gentlemen. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of this Contest. Did write few lines with my impressons about that you can find attached with the photo of the location used. Warm regards. It would be pitty that my efforts and the small DXpedition is not going to be evaluated... :)) Greetings to the Committee and have joy in evaluating the logs. Thank you again for your work and nice Contest.
EA2VE Bueno el concurso esperemos que haya mas participacion en el EA RTTY. Saludos y gracia.
EA3FF I enjoyed your contest and I see that every year more and more stations participate in it. See you next year.
EA4BF Vy TNX fer nice Contest
EA5BWR Dear Members of the RDXC! One year more, I send you the attachedLog from my participation as SOAB-MIX. I made only a few QSOs on CW because I didn`t use any filter and it was really difficult to listening anything. Well, thank you very much for the nice Contest, and if is possible, I will join once again next year.
EA5GVZ Few time in contest. 15 m worked great.
EA5OL Not too much time this weekend to work in the Contets, but I enjoyed as last years.
EA8/OH6GAW Hello! Tnx agn for nice contest. I was QRV from EA8 only about 1 hour... I did have horrible local QRN S4-9+ and children`s were with , so I didnt have opportunity to give my "best shot". But next year - new contest =) 73.
EC1BXI Wonderfull Contest. I will be here next year again.
EI4CF Nice CONDX on Sunday. Must get a good ANT for 160!
F6GCI Nice 2008 Сontest. 73!
F6KNB First time with only few hours on. Pleased to meet you next time for full time.
G0MTN Needed more Russian QSOs. Harder work with low power than I remembered :-)
G0WKW Excellent contest as always - nice to work so many friends! Cheers es 73s!
G2HDR Enjoyed the event.
G3JJZ A super Contest, once again. If only CONDX were as good.
G3LHJ Not too much time to spare but enjoyable Contest was suffering on 20 m with my beam on the ground due to WX.
G3TXF Nice to see so much activity in RDX contest. Sorry that i was QRV for only a few hours. The "/qrp" does not add anything useful to the qso. it just slows down the QSO. Good QRP operators do not need to sign "/QRP".
G3VAO Good Contest but had to take time off due to not being very well!!
G3WW Only brief chance to operate for a couple of hours on QRP CW. My licence does not allow me to use /QRP as a suffix. Enjoyed giving a few points away. Maybe next year a more serious effort.
G3YNN First entry in this Contest very enjoyably. Thanks to everyone we worked and those we couldn`t.
G3ZRJ Some good openings to UA0 and UA9.
G4EBK 100 W to low dipoles are not competitive but even so enjoyed the Contest.
G4LWB Limited time but enjoyed activity.
G4OWT Just having a bit of fun!
G4RCG Decided to do a single band entry this year and really enjoyed it. Conditions were not the best but still managed a reasonable score. Look forward to next year.
G7RTI Part-time effort only ....
G8ZRE Second time in Russian DX Contest. More QSOs than in 2007. Missed many RU stations but very enjoyable.
GM4SID I could only spend a few hours but enjoyed the Contest.
GM4UYZ Could only manage a short time both dyas but enjoyed what i worked.
GW4BLE Broken 40 m beam since ARRL DXC and tower at just 8 m above ground ready for repairs. So only part-timer with a few contacts made :-(
GW7X Good contest! 73 to the Contest committee.
HA2MN It was a great Contest again with heavy activity. Even the propagation proved to be better than it was expected before the Contest. Thanks for QSOs. See you next year!
HA6VA This is the best contest of yte year. TNX.
HA7UL I was QRL, sorry. Maybe next year.
HA8BE Nice contest! Next year AGN!
HA8IC This is a fantastic Contest! Hope to start the next Contest too. Vy 73/dx to all. Imre HA8IC
HB9ARF 21 was poor and only 1 qso on 28 MHz With only 100 Watts and some dipole`s and vertical antenna it is not so easy but a lot of fun. Thanks again for this nice contest and hope to hear you again next year 73`s to all Phil - HB9ARF
HB9CVQ Nice international CW contest. I took about 2 hours break. Condx not so good. Local problem with notorious HB9-Call Faker and HB9-QRMer from Zurich area. cu 73 Andy
HB9DAX/QRP Good contest, working with my elecraft K2 5 watt and Yagi antennas, and dipole. Good activation from Russia and orthers in the World. CUAGN in the next Contest 2009.
HB9DHG Hello, thanks again for this nice Contest. Very well organized and a lot of fun. Many stations also outside EU. RU stations are well operated and they don`t miss this important contest. Good to hear you. See you next year ! a friend from Switzerland HB9DHG Fulvio
HB9EP Very nice Contest like every year. See you in 2009.
HL5YI CU AGN next contest.
HS0AC Propagation was fair - activity was good!
HZ1PS Many thanks for the Contest. Unable to put in a long effort due to work commitments but enjoyed participating in the Contest very much. Thanks to all for the contacts.
I0TIC Some problem with sent serial number sent from multiplier station with N1MM soft. Nice Contest, we love to play it!
I1EIS A lot of fun!
I2AZ Very nice contest, poor conditions on higher bands, troubles with transmitter working.
I2WIJ Joined the Contest to earn points for WRTC. I hope to get a lot. One of my favorite Contest, always growing up.
I4VEQ Back to the paleolithic: no cat, no CW interface, no voice keyer, no SO2R box, neither any audio switching... Just one of my MP3 reader heaphones on the 2nd radio. 2nd radio barefoot was no helpful with such bad CONDX, especially on Sunday morning during the 10/15 mtrs opening. 80 m ANT was fixed to USA and lost it at 01 Z, pity. This callsign caused several repeats on CW and produced interesting calls like SV4Q, IV4Q, IV3EQ, IV4EQ. Anyhow great challenge, high rates and lots of fun! So I will be back in 2009 without a last minute setup. Hope we get better CONDX next year to enjoy the perfect skip to Russia on high bands and longer/higher us runs which would eventually help to cover the low band weakness compared to ES, LY, UR, YO, LZ.
IK0HIT Best contest in the world! I found only 2 stations with big signal but no ears.
IK2AOO Nice contest. MNI TNX to all.
IK2CFD Fast contest, GB at next year!
IK2CZQ Very fine Contest. No propagation on 10 and 15 m. I hope to receive many QSL from Russian OMs for my RDA award. All the best.
IK2RMZ CW Contests are fun, who cares about scores?
IK2SND Every years this Contest, it`s fantastic! TNX to all.
IK4WMH Not a serious effort, just a couple of hours for fun.
IK8UND Poor conditions on 15, but great fun, as usual. CU all in 2009!!
IQ3EZ Very good contest new dxcc for my call IQ3EZ European Radioamateur Association 73 de iq3ez
IQ4AX Great contest! Really a big one! See you in 2009.
IQ9PA I think RDXC it`s one of the best contest ever made in the air. We are very entusiast. Best 73 from the IQ9PA Team (IW9ELR, IT9YMM, IT9TFX, IT9ZIC, IT9SAI)
IS0XDA Worked few hours with a simple dipole for 7 MHz. Hope more time next year. Best 73.
IT9BLB Better setup this time for our second joining this excellent Contest. Worst bug was our QTH with a too closed bad mountain just to the main direction to Russian multipliers. See you for sure on next edition.
IW0HLZ Ottimo Contest.
IW1BEF A little time for me for this contest. It is always beautiful. Many thanks for it. Only one band but good propagation. More QSOs than last year, great fun.
IW1QN Very Funny Contest and Good Propagation. 73 de IW1QN Federico UX5UO Italian Reference TeL: +39 338 7950672 Skype: iw1qn-fede
IZ4DYX Few QSOs on 15 m band, nothing on 10m. I hope to improve my performance next year. TNX for the best Contest.
JA1BPA This year I entered SSB-only category for the first time. The propagation was poor most of time. And I regretted for not being able to work on CW. Hoping for the better propagation next year.
JA1CP Bad condition on high bands but had an enjoyable time. Thank you.
JA2QVP Thank you for the participating guidance of a Contest.
JG1UKW/QRP I enjoyed the Contest. My PWR is 5 watts.
JH3AIU I think RDXC had grown the world`s second largest radio sports as same as CQWW. I wish I could work more stations from rare Russian region next year.
JH3PTC Thank you for the good contest 73!
JH4UYB Great Contest.
JI1UDD I enjoyed the Contest.
JI3KDH Thank you for the nice contest! And the automatic email reply says "Received the log for 2007"...hi
JK2VOC Thank you for nice Contest. 73.
JR1NKN/QRP Thank you for the QSOs in the Contest.
K0PK I enjoyed this Contest very much. It was fun chasing Russian stations for extra points. Operated with no spotting assistance. I like the 24 hour time limit and everybody work everybody. Propagation was very poor from northern Minnesota but managed to work 28 Oblasts on 20m. This was a fun contest! Used FT2K/AL811H & TS940S/FL2100, 3 el. tribanders & wires. No spotting assistance. Thanks for the Qs. See you next year! 73 - Paul, K0PK
K1ZM 5T5DC worked two bands - would not give serial number. VQ9LA worked one band - would not give serial number. Please note - I had a commercial power failure from 10:55 Z - 11:33 Z otherwise, great Contest. CU in the next one.K 73 jeff k1zm
K3TW Band conditions were fair for QRP.
K4XD Best conditions appeared on 20 m last 30 mins of the Contest. Part time effort for fun. Hope for some more spots next year.
K5ZD Fun when the band was open to Russia and Europe. Very bad QRN on 80 and 160.
K6CSL Very poor band conditions. I heard no Russian stations and no EU stations. I did hear a few JA`s but could not work them.
KC0UUT My first RDX Contest.
KH6ND Very difficult conditions from Hawaii.
KI4MF Many stations, and as always, a great contest put on by our Russian brothers. Sleep came in the way this Contest, and we also had severe weather on the first evening.
KJ4AOM Thank you for the Contest. As a new Radioamateur, I found it remarkable that so many stations participated.
KR2Q/QRP I attest that I run 5 watts or less at all times.
LR1H Your Contest is very good. My congatulations. Thanks to all for this nice contest. 73!
LU1FDU First time on 80 Mtrs
LY1BX TU for the nice Contest!
LY2OO Nice contest!
LY2OU TU for nice Contest.
LY2OX Operated just 12 hours,but fun was decent! Unfortunately my operation in this contest may bring to my devorce with XYL,as she was not keen to support my ham activiies...But i still don`t understand if my log submittion is OK ,as my score posting to this page had not been reflected so far.73!Ted.LY2OX
LY2WN Tnx for QSO in the contest 73! algimantas LY2WN
LY3ZM TU for nice Contest.
LY4U Spasibo organizatoram i wsem za QSO!
LY90X Very active Contest, real fun. I`l be back next year with more antennas. Lets rock the air.
LY9A Late start, 1 radio... CU next year.
LZ1AQ Nice contest.
LZ2NKM This was my first RDXC. Great contest with so many stations working!73
LZ9A Thank you for nice qsos! Congratulation for RDXC organization. See you next year.
M0BLF Conditions weren`t great but it was still a fun Contest. Thanks.
M0OXO Good Contest, ionly had a few hours but it was enjoyable, thanks to all, Charles
M3RCV Great contest! Lots of activity!
MU0FAL Always nice to work my friends to the East. CONDX were not easy and some pileups unruly makes good fun.
MU0GSY Always a good contest, pity about 15m not being too open from my QTH. As usual I got had my prefix mistaken as 5U0 too often...
N1BCL I sure wish we had better propogation between USA and Russia. Maybe next year will be better.
N1NN My 3-rd Russian DX Contest.
N2UN I can`t wait for 10 and 15 to open in this great Contest.
N2WN Plenty of activity but condition here left much to be desired, between SO-SO propagation and storms moving through the area. During prime time I didn`t work as much DX, so the points area suffered greatly, as did the multipliers. On the plus side, the 40 m loop was a lot better than a sloper. The end of the Contest left an impression that Sunday would have been much better, dems da breaks as they say back home. Thanks for all the QSOs and fun contest!
N3UM First time in Russian DX Contest, but it will not be my last. At first I spent most of my time tuning, looking for Russians, and did not try to run until 18:00 Z. In the end, only 10% of QSOs were with Russians, and 19% of my multipliers were oblasts. The only way to get good rates with reasonable points/QSO is to run Europeans, I now know.Perhaps with more sunspots in future years I can work more Russians.
N4HXI I had hoped to be on the air quite a bit more but the combination of family activities + thunderstorms in the area + bad band conditions limited my operating time. Although I did not contact any RU stations, I did have a good time and I will try to be back next year. 73s from north Carolina.
N6TV Not a fun contest from W6-land.
N7ZG This is a great contest. Thanks go the SRR for putting this one on. Good job. 73 - Guy, N7ZG
N9FN/M My operation was limited to when i was in the car on Saturday and all QSOs were made as a mobile station only. Do you have an entry class for Indiana mobile station? :-)
NA2X CONDX was not too good. Hope for some sunspots next year.
NG7Z Thanks for a wonderful contest. I had fun.
OE1SMC TNX for the nice Contest .
OE2VEL Testing OE2S after winter storms still not all antennas operational.
OE9MON Sorry this is not my favorite beam direction - could manage to work some OBLs. Over the very near and high mountain in this direction. nice contest, first time in RDXC and sure next year again ! TNX !
OH0R Had no headphones during the first 6 hours. It was very difficult to copy calls never before worked without headphones. Great Contest as usually but very poor bands for DX.
OH3DP Nice contest. Vy tnx for all QSO`s.
OH5NE The time is + 2 hours problem with time setup.
OH6LI I operated this time using my own call at the OH4A/OH6LI station. Had a bunch of computer problems, some antenna rotating issues and my other radio went deaf. That is, I had FUN! Thank You. See you in 2009.
OH6NPV Thank you for the results
OH8L Cross mode Contest very first time....
OK1BLU Tnx for the nice contest, 73!
OK1DOR It was a nice contest.I am looking forward to next Russian dx in 2009.
OK1TC The best just got better - penalties are top - GL.
OK2FB Nice contest.
OK2QX I have problems - on 15.3. is my birthay (72) and come any friends to me... so, after this I was not in "good conditions" - HI. This contest is every year better, and in the good condx also on 21 and 28 after two=three years will be uufb. But - why, if I hrd after tuning only two=three letters from any russian call, after my ?? come as answer also ?? and not the call (!!!) It`s any new crazy usage in Russland???
OK6MA This year I decided to try SOAB-SSB-LP category with my new callsign. Oh my, it was a real torture for a 10-15-20 m operator in the period of solar minimum. With my three element yagis I had no chance to work on 10 m and very limited success on 15 m. The best conditions were on 20 m band (HB9CW) but SWR problems allowed me to use no more than 50 W output. I had no chance to be competitive at 40 m and 80 m bands with inverted Vees in 8 m. I took my part in the contest only for fun, not for result. Many thanks to all who had the patience to work my week signals - see you next Contest - 73!
OK7U Thank you for very nice Contest. Unfortunatelly I had some problems with antenna for 40 m which was probably damaged by storm last week.
OL4M Velmi pekny zavod!
OL6P Very-very good Contest with super activity. I was ill. Than no operated all the time. Thank organizators for perfect rules.
OM3BA TNX! FB contest but CONDX - SRI.
ON4VDV CU next year.
ON5WL I had not much time to work in the contest and CONDX were rather poor. So not many qso but I enjoyed the Contest anyway. Till next year, 73.
ON7CC Nice test CW FB.
OO5S Poor condictions.
OP4K Was able to participate just for a few hours. As usual a fine contest. Hope to spend more time in 2009. 73 de Joe OP4K
OR2A Nice Contest but limited time.
P3F Great Contest. Lots of fun in the limited time i had available. Many thanks.
PA0EMO Nice contest. Lot of fun.
PA0FAW Contest is getting more and more popular.
PA0FEI Normal conditions on 1.8, 3.5 en 7 MHz, but poor conditions on 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Nevertheless good activity. Thanks for UFB Contest and CUAGN in 2009.
PA0IJM Thanks for the organisation of this nice Contest. A lot of stations are QRV on 80. Hope to come back next year. Have fun with the control of the incomming logs. Best 73.
PA0MIR Pleased to participate again but have a remark on the logging errors: the used program N1MM logger somehow did not enter in the log changes made in the oblast code and I discovered it only at the end. Simply typing over you see the right code e.g. SP and you press entry and in the log it is again LO. So this error is not confidence in the logging program but a simple bug in the program if you do not catch it and correct afterward or on second entry. Well I hope there are not too many errors in this area, considered taking out all the offending contacts but that would punish the other station which is clearly not right so leaving them in and hope to get it right.
PA0WKI Nice crowded bands except the 10 and 15 metres.
PA1B I used qrpp (< 1 W) and qrp POWER: 100 mW (with attenuator) to 5 W rig. Thank you for the great activity in the Contest.
PA1TT Nice contest, propagation could be better. My simple 20m wire system worked good especialy on 40m.
PA3ARM Had a computer crash Friday so started manually first 1,5 hours on 20 m before I had to QRT for rest of the day (tabletennismatch). Back 22:00z for 4 hours with restored PC and N1MM... After a good sleep back last 3 hours. VY enjoy.
PA5TT nice contest. always good condx to Russia greetings from Eu-146
PE1LTY Many thanks for the nice Contest. Hope to be there the next time. 73 to all.
PE2KP A very good contest to make qso`s with the world in qrp had a great time and hope tot get a good result of it. see you all next year again. 73, pe2kp
PG1R Great activity! I could join the contest only after 18:00 UTC, so I missed the important first hours.
PG2AA Propagation was not so good. But still had fun during the Contest! CUAGN next year.
PI4AML Nice Contest!
PY2NDX My favorite Contest...
PY5AKW Sorry, I have problems and can`t work the contest. May be on next year. Thank you.
PY7OJ TKS for FB test. I see you next year.
R35NP QTH 85N 54E. No oblast here, I gave #QSO in reports.
RA1AOP Tks for all operators.
RA3MU Nice Contest!
RA4HPI Good Сontest!
RK3IK Very good contest.
RN1CW Thanks for the nice Contest. CU AGN! 73!
RU3XY VY FB Contest!
RV2FW/1 Some problems with equipment. Never use new shareware.
RV3FD This contest was a hard work.
RW0CV Thanks to everyone!
RW3DOX My ANTs was LW ON7MC es GP on balcony! God bless to you es family.
RW4AA/9 Enjoyed the contest as QRP-er for the first time. So many participants. Strong auroral activity. Each QSO was too hard.
S50R Hi! Nice contest, it was my first time I participate, a lot of HW and SW problemst but sill enjoed it! See u next year! Leo
S52GP RDXC is a hot contest! CU next year & thanks.
S56G I took a part just for couple of hours. It was nice to hear some distant friends. Thanks for a great time, see you next RDXC. 73!
SN5G TNX for nice contest!
SN9D We had some troubles with software at the begining. Therefore strange numbers at the begining.
SO5UM Many thanks to Andy SP5X and his XYL Iwona for hospitality! Also thanks to Chris SQ5Q and Jurek SP5VYI for help before contest!
SP4JCQ This contest is so very nice. Organisation is also. Thank you for QSOs with everybody. 73!
SP5MXZ I had really great fun as usual, though Murphy took my PA after some 5 hours.
SP7BCA VY 73! Fb Contest.
SQ1EUG This year the propagation was a very very bad... So maybe next time will be beter. :)
SV9COL I m Really enjoy it !!. GOOD LUCK TO ALL !! BEST 73S DIM
T88NS The operation was made at a rental shack in Palau. CONDX seemed as poor as expectable, especially on high bands.
T95LKA Thank you very much for this contest. I realy enjoyed participating in. Anela
TA0U Thank you for the Contest organisation.
TA7KA We, Trac Trabzon Branch Contest everybody greeting send..73s
TC18M As I had posted info regarding our TC18M special callsign station to work MO2T from Canakkale TA3 area, some unfortunate health problems caused a plan change. TA2IJ could not come to Canakkale due to hospitalization in family and TA3FB had to Tevfik Aydin KAZANCIOGLU.
TC3EC Nice contest, thanks.
TF4Y Спасибо всем!!!
UA0ACG TNX all fer test, Best es 73.
UA0SJ 100 watt only
UA0ZAM Tnx for fine Contest.
UA4FDL Vy fine Сontest!
UA4PN VY TNX to all participants and RDXC committee for nice contest. HPE CU AGN. 73!
UA6BUX Tnx for the best Contest.
UA9BA Dear contest committee, TNX for great contest!
UP2L GP 35m high and Inv.V. was job OK on new contest position near Kostanay city. Will install BV`s RX antenna for next contest.
US0HZ Thank you very much for a contest. It was a great pleasure to meet my old friends.
US1IV Tnx for nice Contest.
UT4EK TNX for good Contest!
UT5UUV TU for FB Contest!
UV3RT Thanks for a nice contest! I will be back next year.
UY5ZI Cool contest.
UZ2M Thanks for competitions. Up to a meeting in 2009. The holiday has gone right.
VA7ST Conditions not good to any areas of Russian from B.C. Only 14 oblasts on 20M, and 2 on 40M. Thanks to all for the 10-point QSOs!
VE2FK Great contest. Will have more time next year.
VE8DW Had a great time, thank you for a fun contest.
VK4TT Good day to all OPs in the test.
VK8AV Is this contest only for UA/EU?
VQ9JC Fantastic contest!
VR2XMT This is one of my favorite Contests of the year and as always, had a great time. Most a big thanks to all the DX stations that heard my signal and responded.
VU2BGS Band CONDX were poor but glad the big STNs could hear me. Had power cuts too.
VU2UR Enjoyed RDX Contest. Last year`s certificate is yet to arrive. Hope to work many more contests.
W1JQ Always fun, even without sunspots. Great contest.
W4JHC Spasibo balshoye.
W7SW Thanks all for the activity. Wonderful contest, 73!
WB8JUI 73 and see everyone again next year.
WP4I Hi Just worked few hours, too much noise in 80M but it was really fun! Thanks for all qso`s, 73. Att Alfredo Velez WP3C/WP4I
WQ5C Poor conditions this year from my QTH, but this is still one of my favorites.
YB1TJ Bad Propagation on 40 Meters from Indonesia it`s very difficult to contact Russian and others station at that`s time. 73
YC5OUB Dear All, Firstly, I am very happy with the result of mine on this year. The provagasi was good during contest. Congratulation for you all for contest committe. Very nice contest, see you on the next contest.
YE1AA Thanks for contact for all station. Propagation is not quit good at the moment but....better qso point compare to last year. Great contest!!! 73 and hope can see you next year. de Arif - YE1AA
YL1S Tnx for Contest QSO`s! 73, CU next year!
YL2BJ Unforeseen circumstances (funeral) right before contest starts crucialy change my plans. Looking with hope to future.
YL3DX Thanks for nice Contest! 73 & DX!
YL5W TNX for very nice Contest, till the next year!
YO2IS Pleased to join again the topband gang in the RDXC, despite the paralel 70 cm EME Contest. Glad to improve my overall score and to run UA1AAF soft. Variable CONDX as usual in early spring. 73 & DX.
YO3HKW Nice working this week-end. See you next year! 73`s.
YO5AJR Nice contest. Many RU station not say in english langdrige... sorry.
YO5CCX MNI TNX all contestmen.
YO5OHY many station tnx to all 73.s...zoli-yo5ohy
YO8AXP Strong Contest! VY sorry, I had problems with my tranceiver... Only 1 KHz fine tuning step... 73!
YO8RIJ Nice contest! A lot of DXs. Congratulation again. 73! By pet nice Contest! A lot of DXs! Congratulation again! 73!
YO8SS it is a very strong and nice cw contest, 73/55 and good luck in contests
YO8TOH it is my first rdx contest a very nice contest
YO9CWY Excelent Contest !
YT7W Fantastic contest! Pleasent to work many U-station, who are by definition excellent operators! Spasibo!
YU1AAV Great contest,but please let it last 48 hours!!!:):):) 73 YT1HA ,YU9DX,YU2DRA
YU7BH Great contest!!! Work a lot of Ua9/Ua0. equipment ft2k+om2500hf+2 array vertical. Thank you for nice fun!
YU7ONE My first contest with new callsign yu7one. Equipment: 30 year old FT200, W3DZZ.Thank you for the good contest.
YU7PG My 1st contest. QRV only half time. See you in 2009.
YU8GM Zivela Rossia!!!
ZC4LI Great Contest with plenty of activity. Thanks to all concerned in running the Contest.
ZS/DK1EAW CONDX was bad from ZS2. But I love this contest anyway.
ZS6CCW Conditions was poor to Europe from South Africa. RDXC is UFB Contest!
ZW5B I think the RDXC has a fantastic organization and the rules are aborving the technolo unfortunatelly. I didn`t have sufficient time to dedicate the full 24 hours of operating. Congratulations OMs.