Soapbox RDXC-2017

4K6FO TNX all best 73, CU.
4U1GSC Part time effort (14 hours) due to antenna problems.
9H1AE TNXs for nice contest.
9W2VRD Good Luck to all Contesters. RDXC-2017 is great!
CT1CZT It was my first time in RDXC. Could not be at all time on the Contest anyway I`ve found it very enjoyable. Everybody had correct behavoir and good ethic was alway present. Propagation was not much bad. Hope to be back nest year on full time Contest.
CT1DRB Nice contest, I did not have a lot of time but is always cool.
DA0AA Just played around a bit.
DB8AH Tnx for Russian DX Contest 2017, 73!
DG6TOM Some issues with trx and log, but with another one it worked somehow.
DJ5AN Super nice contest, finaly a lott of Russian stations again. Hope to see the more also in other contests.
DJ6TK Only a short test for me on 20/15m. No Antenna for n40/80m this time.
DJ7EC This contest is fun !
DK2BJ I Worked a few hours with my homebuild big magnetic loop only on 80m and did about 220 QSOs.Best dx was Japan eastwards and some Ws and KP2 westside. The magnetic-loop can be seen at searching for DK2BJ. 73s until next year.
DL1A Good activity but poor highband condx. 10m only a patchy opening in the last two hours.
DL1FW I hope that your robot may be able to read my homemade cabrillo!
DL2AWA Nice to work in this contest.
DL3FCG Some sparetime operation on 40m only. Running the BandMap up and down. Thanks for all the activities.
DL4HBF It was a pleasure being part of that excellent contest.
DL5RDP I really like your contest, but stations like RK3PWR with 3kc wide signals ruin your contest. I was unable to work a VK station 1,5kcs next to RK3PWR...this is against all HAM Spirit. See attached the screenshot from my Elecraft P3 Panadaptor. Best 73s!
DM2AA Nice Contest, nice activity 73!
ER3CR Thank you too all 73!
G0GHK We had fun again this year, thanks for all the Q`s.
G3YMC Conditions not marvellous but fun.
G3YRZ Down side of sunspot cycle no good for my indoor dipole! Thank you to Asiatic Russia, USA and everyone for your good ears!
G4Q Very enjoyable contest.
G8ZRE Good number of mults.
GM2V Good contest, but antenna fault stopped me :-( 73
GM4UYZ Due to work this is all I could manage. Enjoyed what I did.
HB9AT Wie alle Jahre wieder ein interessanter Contest.
HB9FBP Has been a pleasure partecipate at this RDXC, good propagation and improved my personal result. On 40m antenna vertical and on 20m 4 elem yagi. See you next year thnak to all for QSO.
HB9MXY Tnx to all staff behind the nice contest.
HG8C My QTH is a 10-etage blockhaus 35m high.
I3MDU Just my small log but always lot of fun.
IK0PXD Ho deciso all`ultimo momento di partecipare a questo contest che non conoscevo e che forse mi spaventavaun po`. Si и rivelato piuttosto faticoso e considerati gli elevati numeri progressivi di QSO che ho ricevuto soprattutto dagli om russi e da qualche americano, ho pensato che solo con stazioni super attrezzate e computerizzate и possibile arrivare a certi livelli. Ho lavorato tutto a mano per 14 ore, tante per le mie condizioni fisiche, e mi accontento dei risultati raggiunti.
IK4LZH Nice contest with goof partecipation.
IS0/DL5SE Some trouble with the police... Thats the reason for QRT and change the QTH during contest.
IS0BGL Operated a little of time due to poor antenna condition (need maintenance)just to give is0 multiplier, hope next year to work in best condition.
IT9/IZ2WFL Thank you to all.
IT9OPR This is my first RDX Contest. For bad propagation I worked only two bands 20 and 40n. I say many thanks to all stations worked, meet you next year.
IU4ICT Nice contest.
IW0HLZ Come al solito molto presenti le stazioni russe e molto precise nei QSO ho operato con icom 751 dipoli full size 40/10m e windom.
JA0IOF I enjoyed the contest.
JA1BPA RFI disrupted SO2R CW operation, and I had to change to SSB only category.
JA1GQC I enjoyed the RDXC with IC-7300 & Mobile-Whip. Tnx for pick me up.
JE6RPM I enjoyed RDXC very much this year. I have one concern for the QSO with R4MM. He sent me a serial number, not an abbreviated Oblast. I thought it should have been an abbreviated Oblast, so asked the number again. But even asking again for the number, he still sent me a serial number, and I had no choice except for logging the sent serial number. I`m not sure what his log will look like and whether it will be submitted or not. I have the recorded data, and I can send related part to you If you need.
JG3EHD The CONDX was very poor.
JG5DHX Just part time but many thanks for all the contacts.
JH4UYB Great Contest.
JI1AEP QRV between house keeping...
JI1NZA I fully enjoyed the contest.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSOs. See you next year.
K0OO What a challence...
K2PLI Operating RDXC since 2009. Thank you to all who worked to make this contest great.
K3TW Band conditions were good for QRP (5 watts).
K4BAI Call this a Check Log if you must. I logged all exact frequencies, but N1MM+ didn`t put them in the Cabrillo file for some reason. I still have all of them in the logging program. The CAT input seems to be bad in this FT1000MP and I don`t have computer control, but I manually logged each frequency.
K5ZD Very good conditions on 20m. Worked 225 Russians.
KB1BMF Sorry for low count - still had fun.
KN4Y Good activity on CW.
KS7T Condx weren`t the greatest but 40 cw was the best it has been all winter from 7 land to EU. Some were a struggle to work but got them all eventually. Good sigs from those wkd on 20 CW but very little hrd hr SSB. Still lots of fun.
LU6UO CONDX was very bad.
LU8EHR Too few time for fun...
M8C Good to use the Cray Valley RS contest callsign again. Only 8 hours operating time. Good contest with plenty of activity and interest.
MI0DWE Getting more prcticed with SD. A definite thumbs up.
MM2N Not a full time effort and no 160m antenna. I think I may try a full 24 hour session next year. SSB contacts are checklog only.
MM3N My computer locked up and some contacts may have been lost after my nr 455.
N6MA Operating from Nevada W7.
N9RV Always a pleasure to work the excellent Russian operators.
OE2S just prepared the station for CQ-WPX and had fun while testing.
OF1F My original plan was to make 500 qsos for Finnish contest marathon 2017. I missed the 3 three hours from the beginning. The conditions and activity were good and I was not able to stop any more and stayed on until the end of the contest ;-) During the 2 last hours I had problems with the beam. Used just a low dipole for the last QSOs. Thanks for the QSOs.
OF7KA Thanks again for a nice contest. Good activity and the propagation was not that bad after all. See you again next year.
OH2KW TNX fer nice test, unfortenately I had limited time to join.
OK2SWD Good contest. See you again, friends.
ON6NL Great contest. A pity I could not really participate. Just back from 5X my family and needed me. Hope to be there fully next year.
OP1A Less of time for total contest, good signals from East.
OZ/SP2UUU Tnx for fb test but I have only 3 watts and not good antenna in this moment.
PA1BX As always many stations, nice contest.
PA7JH Very nice contest with good conditions on the bands.
PD3J Thanks for the contest! Great activity on 20 meters, band full of stations.
PE1LTY Many thanks for the contest.
PE2K Dear OM/YL, great time with DXing with QRP 5 watt and a dipole.
PG2AA Well again had fun during the contest.
R7KA Many thanks for the nice Contest.
R7KH 73 and best wishes.
RA3RLJ Good contest! HPE CU AGN, 73.
RM9RZ Very bad propogation on 15mc.
RT4U Tnx for contest all operators.
RX3DFL Thanks for very good Contest!
S53EO Heavy statics, NIL QSOs on 160m and 10m, poor conditions on 15m.
S57EA Looking for some new RDA`s.
SJ2W Great fun, thanks to Mike SM2WMV for having me at his station.
SK3BG SSA Education, youth Team.
SK5DB Low power, club educational event to give new hams an experience of contesting. Thanks to all for curtesy to new, unexperienced contester.
SM6FPC My first RDXC. The 2 el phased delta loop worked great but the operator needs some more training, hi. CU next year.
SP3GTS Very nice contest.See you next year.
SP5BYC Good propagation 20/15m.
SP9PBH Without the time cause of computer system damage.
TM2F Nice contest as always, 73.
UA0SE 73! RDXC - forever!
UA0ZAM TNX for FB contest, 73!
UA9QCP/3 It was only one nt on 40 mtrs, but it was funny.
UA9XBJ Спасибо за организацию прекрасного Теста, 73!
UN2E Good contest,best wishes from Kazakhstan!
VU2UR With sunspot "0" and QRP it was quite difficult to work.
VY0ERC Had a few hours to give out a few qsos. Mostly checking propagation for CQWPX.
W1GXZ Quite poor propagation
WQ6X This is another remote operation from NX6T.
WX0B Didn`t copy the exchange.
YB3IZK Tnx for all station, GL, GDX, 73. HPE CUAGN soon.
YB3ZBD Nice DX Contest, good luck, 73.
YD3RJL Nice Contest and hope joint next time.
YT1A Exselent activity UA stations, but lost several oblasts (far East and UA6 region) early on Sunday, becouse I have had problems with my old TS940s with show FREQ on display between 4 and 7 hours. Not so much DXCC countries as a MPL.