Soapbox RDXC-2000

9A3CY I enjoyed The Russian DX Contest, nice and easy gentlemen operations. Unfortunatelly, I gave the priority to BARTG RTTY Contest this weekend. Best 73s to all, CUL
CX5BBR Poor propagation in South America
DJ1YFK Big fun with QRP! (Why is there no QRP-Entry?) - CU all next Year
DK3RED Not many QSO but many fun. Gld 2 meet old friends on air.
F5ICC Very noisy on all bands, propagation is poor. Contact with RN2FA at 13:44 not in the log. Problem with my computer, sorry
G0VQR It was a great contest. I worked my first VU station. I wish I could have spent longer in the contest. I will make a note of the date for next years contest. Why was such a popular contest not put in RADCOM contest calender
G3FNM HF CONDX good & FB to compete with the higher pwr stations. Still enjoy the contesting challenge at 78 years of age. Logging by computer is so different & easy from bygone years
G3KNU Great contest, It`s getting lots of support from all over the world. I look forward to next years
G3RSD Enjoyable contests. Very noisy on Saturday night on low bands
G4OGB LF CONDX poor, but a very well supported contest, first time I`m claiming over 1M points!! Hope CU next year
G6QQ Sorry, I could only spend a few hours in the contest, but here is my entry of 148 QSOs. QSO 149 was started at 1158 with US6EX who gave me serial 573. I gave him serial 149 but due to QRM he did not get it clear till 1201. I had asked if his suffix was 3 letters EX? but he never answered so I have not counted it as a QSO but he may have claimed me. Apart from that I hope all is OK. I was a bit confused by the double mult, you get for the first UA, UA2 and UA9 QSOs as you can also claim their Area Code as a mult. The Super-Duper log did not allow for this so I had to edit the logand mult files afterwards as well as the Summary sheet. Was only ableto manage 4=BD hours of operation but enjoyed it. 73s from an 83-year old (first licensed 1932.
HB2DAX Was very good Contest and very good activity for all amateurs around the world. Cuagn next year 2001
HL5AP The propagation was not good for the world-wide here
I2WIJ My first Russian DX Contest. 10 meters was in good shape, and I lostthe first part! Unfortunately I had only few hours, but enough of fun. Thanks for a super contest
I8016590RC My first Russian DX and my first contest with my new ICOM-746. Good contest and good propagation on the air. Cu agn, 73, dsw
I8VKB Very nice Contest but is not possible to work on 40 and 80 meter and 160 meters for antennas
IK4QJM First time on this contest, and did enjoy a lot. A suggestion: why don`t you write a software, like we do here in Italy for our contest, for the foreign stations? ["Hi!" from UA1AAF!] See you next year
IK6SNQ First time entrant to this contest. I`ll be back next year
IN3PEE I am glad for my first Russian DX Contest. In 28 MHz my antenna is only "balcony"..
IZ5AXA Only few hours in the contest... ...see u next time
J68AS Enjoyed the great propagation
JH7CJM I hope to see you next year
JK2VOC Thanks for Russian DX Contest
JO1WIZ Condx was not so good, but I enjoyed contest. I`d like to take part in the next year contest
K1BV There was a wonderful participation by Russian stations this year. Good conditions helped also
K2SX Had a good start but condx seemed to go down as contest went on. Lots of multi-band QSOs helped
K3WW Great conditions, almost a full time effort
K4MA Read about the contest on Saturday evening in the April "CQ Contest".Decided to go up to the shack and check it out. Sat down and had some fun for about 4.5 hours. Rates were good. Had hours of 26 (0.5 hour), 48, 58, 47, and 51 with not really trying that hard
LU1EWL This is my third participation in Russian DX Contest, and again I have enjoyed a lot participating in it
LU4HKN Hope next year will make a full time effort. The UA1AAF program worked pretty good ! I filled so confortable during the contest and liked to hear so many russian stations. See You next year!. 73
LY3MR First time in this contest! Really was puzzled on the activity of Russian stations! But few oblasts (UA3L,UA0Q,UA0I) were "rare"DX! 73 to the Contest Committee
LY3ZM Very good contest
LZ5AZ Very hot contest! There was really fun
N2ED This was my first effort and was not able time. Very enjoyable test. I will be back next year witha better effort
N4AF CONDX were fairly good, though down from Friday night
N6AW Only 5 hours operating time due to QRM from my XYL!
OL4M Very happy to participate these year 2000. I hope come back again in 2001 to find all my friends
ON6TJ Very happy to participate these year 2000. I hope come back again in 2001 to find all my friends
PA0MIR Nice to be in the test again; was away from home Saturday so only very short entry this time but will try to be back next year with better entry. Nice to work the adjudicator RA3AUU during this short time, hi
PA3BFH Had lots of fun, plenty contacts with fb ops. Thanks for organizing this fine contest, will try to be there next year again, 73
PA3GZC Could join for 2 hours only. Nevertheless: enjoyed it as always
PA3HDP A very nice contest and good conditions. 73, all the best and thanks for a very nice contest, bye bye
RV3YR FB contest!!
RV9COI TNX for nice Russian DX Contest
RW4AA Enjoyed the РЎontest. Thanks
RX3RB Very good contest!!
RX6LG Good propogation, fine contest
RZ9OU Nice contest, Big activity in Russia
S58A Fine contest but low activity from USA stations on CW. Last hour go to sleep. Hi
SM6BSK Pse note that the 4A3UA (who turned out to be VA3UA) was the only QSO with Canada and the rules don`t make any difference if he was in Canada or Mexico
SP9KJU Very fine Contest
UA4HTT Very nice Contest
UA6LJ Fine contest!! Fine program!
US6EX My 3th contest! TNX! 73
UU7J Nice Contest! Long live "RUSDXC"!!
UV5U At the first time over 1K Q`s. Ukrainian DX Contest has to follow RDXC. It`s very good sample for us
UX1UA I`ve forgoten to start with my contest call UV5U.
VE4IM I`ll be back next year
VE5SF A great contest ... really like the mixed mode format. UA1AAF software worked great. See you all next time
VK5GN Tried to work as many Russian stations as possible in the time I had available. Good contest and nice activity
VU2UR Enjoyed taking part in the contest and hope to do it in future, if I get all the feed back, in time
W7/JR1NKN Thank you for the QSOs
W9WUU I enjoyed this contest very much. This is my first real try with your contest and I hope to be back again next year
YT1BB Excellent activity of Russian stations